More than a Festival

Welcome to a transformative realm where we come together in the most harmonious way to create, express, connect, and bloom. This place welcomes you to dive into an open and imaginative alternative society. Together, we build deep bonds, co-live, co-create, and celebrate both our shared humanity and our profound respect for nature.

Our space thrives by harmonizing the perfect elements, enabling magic to unfold. Passionate artists share their wisdom, musicians craft immersive worlds, visionary curators design the ambiance, and participants eagerly dive into the experience.

Gatherings aren’t just occasions; they’re catalysts for genuine connections. Transformational festivals offer an open space abundant with music, learnings, smiles, hugs, and pure acceptance. Through them, we amplify the vibrant and empathetic culture of the world by opening gateways to areas not yet explored. Attendees are ushered into a distinctive world in its entirety, crafted as content-rich reality spaces. These festivals facilitate high-density, quality interactions that both captivate and inspire.

Claim this space as yours, shape it, and become an integral part of this collective journey. We firmly believe in the universality of art, music, and movement, understanding that they echo within every soul. In an age where sustainable, community-driven, and well-being-centric societies are not just desired but essential, we highlight this synergy.

Bloom In Green is a shining example, being India’s premier community-driven festival in a distinct genre. From its roots, we’ve seen enthusiastic individuals aligning with our vision, grasping its deep essence. Now, as we gear up for our 4th edition, our ever-expanding community stands testament to the festival’s resounding success.

Commit to this transformative experience for three remarkable days. Come as you are!!


Karloom Entertainment

Karloom Entertainments, founded in 2018, enhances youth social gatherings via creative activities. Known for Bloom in Green festival & more.


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