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More than a festival

Welcome to a new paradigm where we converge in the most belonging way to create, express, connect & bloom. This is a space where you gather to make meaningful connections, do your first of something, co-create, prioritise health & passion, and celebrate life and our respect for nature. The space is facilitated by allowing the right elements to come together and create magic. Artists who were keen to share their knowledge, musicians who spread happiness, disruptive concepts and participants who wanted to get involved.

Gatherings are the best conductor for a social impact. We, humans, are evolutionarily meant to live in groups and communities. Natural Selection rewarded our ancestors for collaborations and forming connections. Creating a collaborative platform for people is a mandate for our well-being as well as the world’s! Transformational festivals are a cultural global phenomenon that has been catering to this need for communal celebrations among young adults for some time now. They are a content-rich reality that features high-density quality interactions. The effect of such gatherings is transformed humans who lead creative and conscious lives.

Our pillars represent our 7 verticals through which one can drive the transformative experience on which Bloom In Green Festival is founded. We believe art, music and movement hold space in all humans, community-driven, sustainable and well-being-focused societies are essential and technology is an ally for humanity.

Bloom In Green festival is purely community-driven and one of the movers in this genre of festivals.And since its inception, it has seen the right people joining it understanding its significance. Having reached its 3rd edition, we have nothing but an ever-growing and thriving community to put forward to.

Come as you are for one of its kind transformative experiences.

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